The Use of Mobile Application for Antenatal, Delivery and Postnatal Care: The Case of Kaduna State

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The Use of Mobile Applications for Antenatal, Delivery, and Postnatal Care: The Case of Kaduna State


This thesis is all about the use of Mobile Applications for Antenatal, Delivery & Postnatal Care given to mothers deep in the remote areas of Kaduna State. The health information related to pregnancy, delivery, and care for their babies afterward that are customized to the application for access to health services using information technology. The study is focused on the use of the mHealth application and proposing a solution the way to reducing maternal mortality in the community and at health facilities. To this end, care providers and clients were communicated for interviews on the mHealth application. In this regard, basic questions were forwarded to these providers and clients to provide information as to how to fix additional features. The agile process model was used to propose, develop and integrate a prototype with new features appended. There are various kinds of software tools used in the research in different instances including platforms, programming languages, database servers, and related AVD (Android Virtual Device) tools. The results of this study show that expectant women can access maternal and child healthcare information on their phone while, Health extension workers (HEWs) Health Development Armies (HDAs), and other concerned bodies such as ambulance service management are communicated when any complications arise on mother and their babies. Based on the assurances of the informants, the app was useful since it improves their job and eases service provision in general. The researcher ends up with concluding remarks and a few recommendations on the implementation of the application, enriching the application by expanding the way more accessible, making the application platform-independent, enriching the database with a variety of messages, and integrating the mobile application with cloud technology as well.

The Use of Mobile Applications for Antenatal, Delivery, and Postnatal Care: The Case of Kaduna State, GET MORE COMPUTER SCIENCE PROJECT TOPICS AND MATERIALS

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