The role of print media communication in sports development. (a case study of enugu state)





A baby’s first attempt at walking is sometimes very calamitous, when not properly guided, indelible sears are left as a result of bruises sustained from “Childish” falls. In the same vein, as green horns in the act of writing books for classroom and professional use, the debut may be riddled with a lot of errors which make it fall below the standard set by the giants in the filed.

This being the case, we pray you, in the name of Jesus Christ, to consider’s us as a baby’s first attempt at walking.  Do not crucify us.

The flaws notwithstanding, this project with a Nigerian background has come to address the Chronic and unimaginable vacuum left unexplored by many scholars.

The project is about the expected role of print media communication in sports development of society like Nigeria.  However, for the purpose of Clarity and easy been divided into five chapters.

Chapter one deals with the introduction, the statement of problem, purpose of study, definition of terms, limitations.

In chapter two, the literature review and hypothesis are discussed.

Chapter three explains the methodology and instruments used. Chapter four features the analysis of the information got from the questionnaire while Chapter five, concluded the study and offers recommendations.



1.1              INTRODUCTION

1.2              Statement of Problem

1.3              Purpose of Study

1.4              Definition of Terms

1.5              Limitation of study


2.1              Literature Review

2.2              Hypothesis


3.1              Methodology

3.2              Instrument Used


4.1              Results and Analysis



5.1              Conclusion

5.2              Recommendation

5.3              Bibliography

5.4              Appendix 1 – Sample of the Questionnaire


1.1              INTRODUCTION

The fact that communication regard at area of print media is an indispensable factor in all aspects of human relation, is now too obvious to require any emphasis. As it was, the world revolves around the forum of communication networks.

In the communication network, the print media serve as the bedrock, supplying all the necessary ingredients for the smooth and uninterrupted flow of information.  Indeed, the role of print media in the communication process is very vital in the development  strategies of any nation.

Generally, the print media of mass communication, viz. Newspapers, magazines. Handbills etc are very important modern social processes. They bring public issues to the fore before wider readers other than can be reached by public meetings or inter-personal communication.  For instance, the print media play an active part in broadening our enjoyment of life, furthering our knowledge

of things in our immediate as well as distant environment and getting information to us which stimulates individual and group action.  Through these varies thrust, the process of social change is given more impetus by the print media.

The aim of this research is to find out “the role of print media in sport development” print media as a veritable source of information, entertainment and education is like the weather.  And like the weather, it is always with is and providing us with constant material for conversation and adverse comments.

The history of communication regards to print media is itself originated during the mediaeval period, it is full of flash points and wonder points signifying vital landmarks in the domain of human relation. It is a notation of milestones and critical discoveries which has continues to power the engine of development to greater pedestal across time.

The history of modern sport however, can be originally traced to the ancient Greece about (778BC).  At first when the City State sent only their aristocrats to the game, the sport were then conducted in a spirit of amateurism.  The aristocratates possessed the money and leisure time to practice for the strenuous events.  Popular sports in ancient time include foot racing, wrestling, boxing, archery, discus and javelin throwing.  But as the advent of print media began to pervade the games, the city-states took to subsidize their best sportment.

There are many print media in Nigeria today:  Newspapers, Magazines, Computer Cable wire etc, all trying to process and package sport news in a way that will attract and hold the interest of their readers. They vary in the kind of sports news stories they carry.   While some key emphasis on foreign sports news there are still others that package more of local sports news stories.  This diversity in the kinds of sports news stories print media carry is just to satisfy the interest of the heterogeneous group of people in the country.

Many sports lovers, fans and readers of sports news, will find it difficult to imagine sports life and existence without print media communication.  Just think how it would be like if Nigeria were in South-Africa for the African cup of Nations and the match story is not carried by the Newspaper or magazine.  Or you rush tot he street or any departmental store to check for Newspaper or magazine that carried the match, yet no newspaper or magazine carried the story. If such would occur many sports lovers would feel that the world was in the grip of some cataclysm.   Many of the readers of sports news story would not want to experience such deprivation more than once in their life.

Several avenues exist for analysisng roles of print media in sports development, this study focuses on why some people love to read sport story and others ignore it.  The kind of printing medium that attracts people describes their attention, habits and the degree of interest one has on sport also plays a part on how one  will appreciate the role of print media in sports.

In addition to finding the role of print media in sports development, this study is also projected toward finding out what will happen to sports if there is no print media industry like Newspaper and Magazine etc.

Since there is other, existing literature on the subject matter, this work therefore is intended to serve as a reference, not only to interested sports lovers and research students who might in future carry out studies on the importance or role of print media in sports but also to remedy the chromic and unimaginable problem left in this interesting aspect of human endeavour.

1.2              STATEMENT OF PROBLEMS

When man started having the need for recreation over al least 3500 years ago revealing his remarkable ingenuity and unflagging energy indevising new forms of games and sports on earth, in water, through the air, little did he know that he will come to invent something else that will advance the game.   Thus, with the advancement in science and technology, men have invented the print media which serve with purpose these powerful instruments for development of society may have helped in tending and nurturing the oak to maturity. Raising sports from spirit of amateurism to professionalism.

One area of this study that should receive adequate attention is how the print medium contributed in sports development and the possibility that communication has adverse effect on sports itself as well as the sports stars.

Most times, it has often been argued that the impact of print media on sports ahs not been entirely beneficial. Over exposure almost killed professional boxing.

A solution to all these problems will no doubt, go a long way in making the sports writers, and print media Nigeria more effective.

1.3              PURPOSE OF STUDY

The main purpose for engaging in this study is to find out what role print media play in sports development. Since 1970 when the whole publication industrial in Nigeria pulled their resources together to cover the 1970 Olympic games, there have been increasing number of sports publications in Nigeria.  At present almost all the print media in Nigeria carry sports story.

This growing need for sports news story was motivated by the people’s sheer growing awareness of the role of print media in sports development. Pools stakers need print media for the authentic pool results and staking strategies, while sports lovers need print media for information on current happening in the sports world.

Government too need print media to disseminate vital information about government sports policies and to monitor public opinion on such policies

The role of print media in sports development will probably depend on their individual interest in sports.  It therefore becomes imperative interesting to conduct a study of this nature in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a nation-state which house print media, a Nation-State where some literate, semi-literate and stark illiterate are sports lovers and pool stakers.  What would these sports lovers miss when there is no media to carry the story?  The need to find possible answers to these forms the purpose of this study.

1.4              DEFINITION OF TERMS

Some of the terms used in this study do not necessarily confirm with ordinary dictionary meanings.  Their definition are mostly based on journalistic jargon and, also according to their use in this study.

Roles:   Part played in an undertaking.

Print:    The making letter, pictures on paper by pressing a surface  covered in
ink against it, in order to transfer ideas, knowledge, showing of
feeling and information from an encoder to the decoder.

Media: Wilber Schramm’s definition of media.  He puts it thus, we usually
mean a channel (s) of communication in which a machine and a
communicating organisation has been interposed.  There channels
include Newspapers, Magazines, periodicals, Journals etc.

Sports:  This is a broader term. It covers not only athletics but also activities
like hiking fishing and activities dependent on the skill, power or
stamina of the contest sport is physical activities engaged in or
observed for pleasure or, in case of professional

Development:  Growth or raise in human mental and physical activities.

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