Conflict Management In Nigerian Construction Industry: Project Managers’ View

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Conflict is a natural phenomenon in the construction project management as in other areas of human activities as its importance being accepted if positively managed. . Despite different types of conflict resolution, arbitration and mediation conflict in construction projects remained unending and project abandonment flourishes in Nigerian construction industry, however the involvement of Project Managers as a leader who should maintain conflict within the project is worthy of precise role clarification. Therefore, the study seeks to confirm the nature of conflict that is applicable in construction project management; identify the main causes of conflict and ascertain how conflict can be minimized through the use of available tactics in project management. In addition, the researcher reviews current literature on conflict management in construction industry. Also, questionnaires were given to Project managers from a construction background to elicit necessary information for data analysis. Inferential and relational statistical analyses suggest that conflict is natural and inevitable, which may have positive or negative effect. Furthermore, communication breakdown and conflicting commitment of the project managers are the most prevalent causes of conflict in Nigerian construction industry and the tactics most adopted by Project managers in minimizing conflict is by improving communication channels and establishment of sense of trust and collective responsibilities. (In addition to the research findings) the author recommends that Project managers should improve communication channels; build a sense of trust amongst project team members and advance their knowledge in human relation in order to reduce conflicts in projects logically to improve on project success.

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