Private Participation In The Education Of The Child In Nigeria: Problem And Prospect Of Study In Oredo Local Government Area Of Edo State

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This study was carried out to determine the impact of private participation in the education of the child in Nigeria, problem and prospect. A study of Oredo LGA of Edo State. To achieve the said goals, the researcher carried out investigation by designing interview form for the proprietors and principals. Data collected from the interview were carefully studied and analyzed. The study will find out the impact of private participation in the education of the child. Summary, conclusion and recommendation would be made on how private schools has contributed in the development of various aspect of secondary education. In order to attain good standard in Oredo LGA of Edo State.


Chapter one

1.1            Introduction

1.2            Statement of the problem

1.3            Research questions

1.4            Purpose of the study

1.5            Significance of the study

1.6            Scope of the study

1.7            Limitation of the study

1.8            Definition of terms

1.9            Definition of terms

Chapter two

Literature review

2.1            Concept of education

2.2            Concept of curriculum

2.3            Implementation of the school curriculum in Nigeria

2.4            Proponents and cities of private schools

2.5            Laboratory facilities

2.6            Library facilities

2.7            Building and furniture

Chapter three

3.1            Methodology

3.2            Design of study

3.3            Population of study

3.4            Procedure for data collection

3.5            Method of analysis

Chapter four

Interpretation and Analysis of Data

Chapter five

5.1            Summary

5.2            Conclusion

5.3            Recommendation





1.1            INTRODUCTION

The world is a very attractive flower, but it is difficult to raise. To do so successfully, you need to control the temperature the light and the size of the flower pot. The orchid is sensitive to soil and fertilizer, and is easily damaged by disease and insects. This is very common to fail sat ones attempts at raising an orchid. Rearing children is more difficult and complicated and also requires careful attention so it is common for parents to feel a loose when it comes to child rearing. Many feel the need for help, life and orchid grower who needs advice from an expert. Obviously, every parents want to get best guidance. Where can such guidance be found. (Watchtower June 15, 2004).

Education is the greatest tool or instrument for the political, socio-economic and cultural determination of man from the path of ignorance.  The benefit of education in the over all development of Nigeria through the inculcation of desirable knowledge and wisdom to the citizens, can never be over emphasized. Thus, the development of education would ensure the dignity of labour in the youths by being interested in craftsmanship. This measure would inevitably result to a greater level of socio-political development; economic reconstruction and technological improvement.

The national policy on Education which came as a result of Nigeria effort to formulate a desirable education basic philosophy would indeed make the nation a self-reliant economy and thereby focus attention on the inclination of national consciousness, unity in diversity and the acquisition of appropriate knowledge, abilities, skills and competences for self-reliance whether at individual or national level. The greatest tool or instrument for the political, socio-economic and cultural determination of man from the path of ignorance. The benefit of education in the overall development of Nigeria through the inclination of desirable knowledge and wisdom to the citizens, can never be over emphasized.

Fafunwa (1994:1995) posited that education is the aggregation of all the processes by which a person develops abilities, attitudes and other forms of behaviour of positive and meaningful value in the society in which we live. He therefore, unequivocally made it clear that this would make the child think effectively and make relevant judgment. The national policy on education was actually aimed at eradicating any existing contractions and ambiguities in the educational practice in the country.

Structurally, it provided a three-year- junior secondary school.


Private schools are institutions that are administered and financed by a group of, voluntary organization on the other agencies that after secondary level instruction. The government do not find any assistance in form of grant or otherwise in the running/management of the institutions. According to (Essien 1992 pg 4 education and challenge). The private schools are agent of implementation of the curriculum.  However, there has been a lot of arguments and counter-arguments as to meet the standard requirement. It is against this background that a research of this kind is to find out whether private schools meet the adequate standard by the national policy.


The following research questions are asked

  1. What are the contributions of these private schools to overall development of secondary education?
  2. To what extent have the private schools diversified curriculum content to cater for the differences in the talents, opportunity and roles open to the students?
  3. What are the problems militating against the smooth education?
  4. What is the quality of the students, private schools have produced in secondary?

1.4            PURPOSE OF STUDY

The purpose of this study is to determine the extent private schools perform in senior secondary school certificate examination, determine the manpower quality of the private schools, the extent of private schools involvement in the provision of education facilities such as teaching and infrastructure and laboratories. It will also examine the impact of private schools on the standard of education in Edo State like quantitative teachers, fees and standard facilities necessary for education.


The importance of this study lies in the fact that it will add to existing literature on the private schools. The private schools bring more uniqueness to the study of the study that is capable in learning.

1.6             SCOPES OF THE STUDY

Private participation in education of the child in Nigeria is not peculiar to Oredo Local Government Area alone but all local government areas in the state and Nigeria in general. The researcher intends to analyze the participation of private schools in the education of the child and the quality of education given to them and comparing it to that of the public or government owned schools in Oredo Local Government Area. The time span will be 2004 to 2006

1.7             DEFINITION OF TERMS

Some terms which are used in the research work which is peculiar to the research are defined to enable us understand the context they are being used.

LGA: Local Government Area.

Instructional Materials: These are teaching materials which teachers use to enable a better understanding of the subject by the students.

Private Schools: These are schools (secondary) owned by individuals.

Public schools: These schools are owned and administrated by the state or federal government.

Child: A students of secondary education level, attending either a private or public schools.

SSCE: Senior secondary certificate examination.

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