effect of time management as a tool for organizational survival

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Management study has revolved over long period of time and successive means of thought in industry and commerce have severely described it as the basic ingredient of administering a business.

In support of this view Yakubu (1989) defined management “as a social process entailing responsibility for effective and economical planning and regulation of the operation of an enterprise, in fulfillment of given purpose or tasks” while organization have been working hard to attaining the purpose for which they have been established, the issue of the time it takes to achieve this often neglected. This situation is unfortunate and need to be taken seriously by organizations if the attainment of set goals is to be at maximum profit.
In other words, organization have to properly manage the time it take to attain their goals so as to reduce costs to the bearest minimum.

Adamu (1974) has defined time management as “the art of planning a job, measuring such jobs through reducing such activities to time elements (expressed in terms of pieces per unit or time per piece) and monitoring it to determine efficiency and productivity.
This implies that work must be divided among and between specialist workers with at a time instead of the whole, thus minimum effort is applied by individual workers and maximum output achieved.
Despite the gaining advantage of time management or not attention is paid to it by organization.

This evident when one carefully leads individual workers exclaims that it is not my factors business are also find a lot of individual working hard over organization are meant of the theories of management.

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