evaluation of manpower development policies in nigeria

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Background of the Study
The importance of employing good evaluation in improving manpower development cannot be over emphasized. Manpower development according to Brach (2000), is educational and development activities conducted by an enterprises to improve the lives of their workers. The activities have definite relationship to employer’s productivity. Adequate manpower development in human capital formation is a process which enable organisation to acquire and increase their manpower stock, through the process of planning, recruitment training and retraining. Employers develop their staff and mobilize them in the attainment of organizational goals. Training is an integral element in manpower development.

Cole (2001) viewed manpower development as being concerned with increasing knowledge and skills in doing a particular job. He went further to say that training is an attempt to improve the performance of employees through learning which is done by increasing their skills and knowledge.
Provision of good incentives which include leadership style work structure, wages and reward, selection and placement of employees, promotion of employee, attractive conduction, job security, recognition and objective setting appraisal are the evaluations used to improved manpower development so as to achieve higher productivity in any organisation.

According to Ekpo (2002), manpower development programmes are designed to educate employees beyond the requirement of their present job position so that they can be prepared for promotion and be able to face future challenges. Ekpo also affirm that it is necessary to broaden the knowledge of employees to meet the requirements, which their work may demand especially in future. He considers effective performance on he part of the employees as essential for the success of any organisation. Observing that however, such performance would depend on their knowledge and skills.

Manpower Development Policy In N.D.A
Regulations governing conditions of service for junior civilian staff in Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna are:

  • Merit for staff development can only be possible with the recommendation of the Head of Department/Unit of the registrar for his recommendation to the commandant of N.D.A.
  • An employee granted staff development without pay for full knowledge of the N.D.A shall be entitled to annual increment in that year.
  • Staff development may be granted with or without pay only to employees whose appointment has been confirmed and whose proposed development will be of value to the N.D.A
  • Staff can only be sent for staff development when he or she has spent some numbers of years like 3 years and above.
  • Staff should go on staff development only when it is granted for 2 (two) years duration. Extension o development of programme for a further period or not more than one year may be granted with or without pay. Each case shall be considered on its merit.

1.2 Statement of The Problem
Theoretically, evaluations for improving manpower development policies have become increasing vital to the success of every organisation. Once an organisation is able to fix in the right personnel, there will be improvement in productivity and also increase in output which leads to profit maximization.

Unfortunately, Nigerian Defence Academy being a military institution does not seem to appreciate the importance of improving manpower development policies programme and sometimes, where it exists it is poorly implemented. The manpower policies of Nigerian Defecne Academy policies are one of the problems encountered by their civilian. It seems Nigerian Defence Academy does not send their employees for training and this lead to low productivity and high turnover of employees leaving the organizations because they have no improved skills and new techniques. Nigerian defenses academy does not seem to motivate their workers with adequate incentives and reward which is a evaluation of improving employees to reach their goals. Some of their workers as a result of lack of training seem to be incompetent in areas of services delivery and it appears people do normally complain of the services rendered. After an employee has been trained and developed in order top boost his morale and sustaining the increasing productivity level, there seems to be no sound promotion policy to ensure employees’ confidence in the management of Nigerian Defence Academy. It is in line with the above problems, this study is set out to investigate the evaluation for manpower development polices.

1.3 Purpose of the Study
The main purpose of the study is to evaluate manpower development policies in Nigeria Defence Academy goal. However, the specific purpose of this study.

  •  To find out manpower policies in Nigerian Defence Academy
  • To find out the impact of staff development in Nigerian defence academy
  • To find out the area of discontentment of manpower policies in Nigeria Defence academy
  • To find the implantation evaluation of manpower policies in NDA
  • To investigate the impact of manpower development police of

1.4  Research Question
1. What are the existing manpower policies in Nigerian Defence academy?
2.  What are the area of discontentment of manpower policies in Nigerian Defence Academy?
3.  What are the evaluation for implementing manpower Development in Nigerian Defence Academy?
4. In what way do manpower development policies of NDA impact on their staff
5. hat are the conditions of staff development policy in Nigerian Defence Academy?

1.5 Significance of The Study
The aim of the study was to identify the evaluation for improving manpower development policies the study would be significant to the following:
Organisation understudy: First the research is hoped to give Nigerian Defence academy insight on the importance of adopting good evaluation for improving manpower development policies as it enhance and improve the image of the organisation.
Employees: With increase on skills, knowledge and attitude employees are not only more valuable to the organisation but they are worth themselves, and it would enable employees to be much more productive and remake performance deficiencies whether current or anticipated ones.
Organisations: The result of this research would help Nigerian Defence academy to realize the need to develop their employees. It would also help the management in fashioning development programs that are very relevant to their organisation and at the end justify the effort and means invested in such programme.
Future researcher: The researcher in the filed can use it as a guild to develop and establish from ideas that would bring about development in the future researcher effort.
General Public: It is also hoped that this research finding would provides better insights can understanding on the part of the public about the possible evaluation for improving manpower development policies in the attainment of organizational goal.
1.6 Scope of The Study
The research work was limited to Nigerian Defence academy. It concentrates on the existing manpower policies, areas of discontentment of manpower policies. Evaluation for improving manpower development policies, impart of staff development and the condition of effectives staff development in Nigerian Defence academy.

1.7 Limitation of The Study (Delimitation) 
The researcher encountered
A lot of problems which were constraints. The researcher encountered difficulties from respondent during data administration before getting the requires information because of the security nature of the place financial problems. The researcher encountered financial difficulties in the course of this research. The time limit which this project was carried out couples with demand from other academe work was too short.
1.8 Definition of Terms
Evolution: This is the process of planning or carrying out a plan in a skillful way
Development: This is attempt made to improve employee™s abilities in order for them to perform better than usual, but also future ability of employee. It is a gradual growth of something so that it will become more advance and strong.
Policy: This may be regarded as the guideline, laid-down, cunning dexterity of management among or manger of governing, in general or specific terms to enable a comparing or other organisation to reach the long range target by the objectives. It is also what government chooses to do or not to do.
Constituents: This refers to the component or combination policy and steps that make up evaluation for improving manpower development policies in Nigerians Defence academy.

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