Impact of human resource planning on organizational performance ( a case study of total Nigeria plc)

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Background of the Study
The history of planning is old as man himself planning had started from the ancient era during the primitive period when there were no industries or firms. Planning is a basic function of management thus therefore means that planning pervades all the functional area of management which include personnel, production, research and development, marketing and finance.

Through planning organization goals and objective are determined; the resources available must be strategies to achieve the goals and objectives. Planning provide answers to what? How? When? And their relationship to organization activities.

In personnel management function, human resources panel is a basic function. Human resources planning is sometime referred to as workforce planning, which is defined as the process of the right number of qualified people into the right job at the right time. To ensure adequate workforce in the organization, management must plan properly, proper planning in this respect involves accurate projection of the future, taking inventory of existing workforce, comparing the force with the existing one and take corrective measure.

Productivity means rate of output, degree of result and success which is directly related to profitability and turnover. This research study concentrates on the possible impact of human resources planning on workers productivity.

The human resources means the human that are in the organization. Without them there cannot be production. So there is need for the organization to plan well for its human resource. Proper planning enhances the productivity of an organization. How?

  • Planning helps to resolve problem of shortage of staff in organization
  • It also helps in determining and planning whatever capital, material, equipment and personnel required in an organization in order to achieve organization objectives
  • Human resource planning defining the duties and responsibilities of the personnel employed and determining the manner in which their activities are to be interrelated
  • Human resource use planning to assess external forces to help the firm deal with environmental uncertainty by mobilizing scare or limited resources to neutralize potential threats.
  • Planning make control possible, which is, comparing actual outcome with performance standards and taking corrective action if variance exists
  • Human resource planning management development by helping managers to take proactive role in moving the organization toward a future desired state.

Lastly, human resource planning function include staffing, that is acquiring qualified and appropriate number of workers for an organization, to determining and acquiring other resources and proper allocation of these resources. In addition, co-ordination of activities of all members and parts of an organization is another major purpose of human resource planning in order to boost production.


1.2    Statement of the Problem
One of the most serious problems facing SSABML is the acute shortage of qualified resources. The problem of inadequate skilled manpower in Nigeria Limited sector could be traced to a number of factors which include the colonial administrative policies which gave the local population more opportunity to develop. Some of the problem faced by the human resources planners is as follows:Â

  • Management of fund, funds kept for the proper planning management of the organization is always converted to their private pocket by the top management.
  • As a result of lack of motivation money of our expertise in Nigeria have gone to a board where they will be paid and live in a comfortable house with all kinds of fringe benefits
  • The rate of labour turnover is increasing because of lack of facilities in our higher institutions, irrelevance of the educational curriculum to the need of the economic


1.3    Objective of the Study
This study is of the view that human resources is very important factor in the production, management and government as a whole. Human resources will not be of any value if it is not productive. Therefore, to identify factor which hamper the effective and efficient operation of SSABML, the management of SSABML must strategize using the all resources available in their care to make sure that their objective is achieved at the long run. In order to guide the study, the following objectives are put forward:

  • To determine how employees are being compensated as well as the fringe benefit received
  • To ascertain whether the service rendering to customer are of optimum quality
  • To find out the actual problem affecting the management of Sonal System Association Business Management Limited.
  • To find out the level of the labour turnover and how it affect on the productivity in the organization
  • To see how human resources planning has change the level of production capacity in the SSABML

1.4  Significance of the Study
This study is necessitated by the urge and the need for the research, reader and organizations in general to understand the advantages of implementation of human resources on productivity stem that will serve as tool for achieving higher organization productivity. The following are the significance of study to the researcher:

  • To serve as guide to corporate individuals, organization and student alike in furtherance to their research on the subject matter
  • To help government in the determination of how productive is both public and private sector of the economy
  • To serve as a reference materials for students who will wish to conduct similar studies on this topic.

1.5    Research Questions

  • What is the nature of human resources in organization?
  • Is human resource planning relevant to organizational productivity?
  • Is there any relationship between productivity and organization human resource in SSABML?
  • What are the criteria and conditions for impact of human resources organization?
  • In what ways does the problem observed can be tackled?

1.6 Scope of the Study
The study is restricted to the impact of human resource in productivity in SSABML Kaduna as source of data and it will cover period from 2005 to 2010.

1.7  Limitation of the Study
The study was with constrained, some of these constraints are:

  • Finance: It was no doubt a g7reat limited of factors for this project considering the world wide economic recession and the particular financial squeeze within the country. All these combined together or bear on me.
  • Time Limit: There is also limited amount of time in the course of investigation. This based in the fact that the researcher will have other task to perform, these include often assignment in the school going for lecturer, preparation for test, examination and other to maintained but few.

The school authority imposed a time limit in the submission of the complete work. Base on the submission of the completed work. Base on these the project will cover those areas that are very crucial to the problems under investigation.
Lack of Trust: Another limitation is that I was not permitted to make use of certain documents for security purpose because the organization would not like its secret to be leakage out despite the backup letter given by the project coordinator.


Impact of human resource planning on organizational performance ( a case study of total Nigeria plc) human resource planning 

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