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Marketers have to understand the unique characteristics and the cost of each promotion tool in deciding the promotion mix. Let us examine each of the major tools.
A    Advertising: the company forms of advertising make it hard to generates above its unique qualities. However, several qualities can be noted.

  • Advertising can reach masses of geographically dispersed buyers at a low cost per expire for example, tv advert  can reach huge audiences.
  • Beyond its reach, large scale advertising by a seller say, something positive about the seller size, popularity and success.
  • Because of advertising public nature, consumer, tend to view advertised products as standard and legitimale – buyers know that purchasing the product will be understood and accepted publically.
  • Advertising enables the sellers to repeat a message many times, and its lets the buyer receive and compare the massages of serious competitors.
  • Advertising is also very expensive in nature and allowing the company to dramatise its products through the artful use of print, sound and colour.
  • On the other hand, advertising can be used to build up a long – term image for a product (such as cola – cola advertising).

Lastly, advertising can trigger quick sales (as when a department store advertising a weekend sale).
B    Personal Selling: personal selling is the most affective tool of certain stages of the buying process, particularly in building up buying preferences, convictions and action. Compare to advertising, personal selling has several unquie qualities.

  • It involve personal interaction between two or more people, so each person can observe the other needs and characteristics and make quick adjustment.
  • Personal selling also allows all kinds of relationship to spring up, ranging from a matter – of fact selling relationship to a deep personal friendship. The effective sales person keeps the customer interest of heart in order to build a long – term relationship.
  • Finally, with personal selling the buyer usually feels a greater need to listen and respond, even if the response is a polite “ no thank you”

C  Sales promotion: sales promotion includes a whole assortment of tools coupons, contest price reductions, premium offers, free good and  other all of which have many inquires  qualities.

    • They attract consumer attention and provide information that may lead to purchase.
    • They offer strong incentive to purchases by providing inducements or contributions that give additional values to consumer.
    • Moreover, sale promotion invite and reward quick s response. Where as advertising say ‘buy our product? Sales promotion offers incentive to consumers to buy  it now.

D  Public Relation: public relation or officer have several unique qualities it is all those activities that the organization does not to communicate with target audience which are not directly paid for.

      •    Public relation believable: news stories feature and event seen  Â

more real and believable to research than advertising do.

        •     Public relation can reach many prospects who avoid sales person’s and advertisement since the message get to the buyers as ‘news’ rather than as a sales directed communication .
        •    An, like advertising, public relation can dianatise a company or product. The body shop is one of the few international companies that have used public relation  as a more effective alternative to mass tv. Advertising.

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